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Spiritual Care Practitioners

"As you listen to the Divine Wisdom within you, you will recieve your inspiration and guidance."

- Ernest Holmes

Licensed Professional Spiritual Care Practitioners

Help clients change their thinking

 - By knowing that all are perfect spiritual beings

 - By seeing a greater idea for their client's life experience

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Peter Bertles RScP

David Brown RScP

Rev. Kathryn Cardinal*

Darla Conlin RScP              

Alice Elliott RScP

Linda McDougall RScP

Rev. Kathleen Miller* 

Rev. Tim Peterson*

Brenda Joy Sinclair RScP


A live, phone, Facetime, or Zoom session with a Practitioner or Minister can be arranged by leaving a message at the Centre office 780-452-1711

Practitioner Sessions $40.00 / half hour

Ministerial Counselling - to be arranged with Minister

Practitioners in Service accept requests for treatment as a gift following the Sunday Gathering. Please know that your request is a gift to the practitioner as well.

*Available for weddings and memorial services


24/7 Treatment Line

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